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Russia hints at setting up military bases in ‘new states’, Britain expected to announce sanctions

The British government has warned that sanctions would be imposed on Russia over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine, but Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rodenko has said that if Russia would establish military bases in both rebel-held “states if needed.

For months, Putin has denied allegations that the Rookie army invaded Ukraine, but he has now sent troops to two rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine, for which he says the goal is to maintain peace.


Russia Ukraine conflict updates

The United States has strongly condemned that position of Russia and said that Russia is looking for excuses for war. Ukraine’s president says his country is “not afraid of anyone.”

On the other hand, rising tensions have led to a sharp rise in world oil prices. The price of crude oil in the world market exceeded $ 97. Shares in London and Asia have fallen, and the trend is likely to continue in the United States.

It should be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to recognize the rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine as independent statesThe United States has strongly condemned that position of Russia and said that Russia is looking for excuses for war. Russian-backed rebels in Donetsk and Luhansk have been fighting Ukrainian forces since 2014, calling the areas “independent states.”

Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said there is no intention to set up military bases there, but the decree allows them to do so.

The decree he was referring to was issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday, declaring Donetsk and Luhansk as new states and sending troops to the two regions to “establish peace.” ۔

However, the United States rejected the announcement, calling it “nonsense” and saying Russia was looking for excuses to wage war.

According to reports, the sanctions imposed on Russia by the UK will target individuals and entities with ties to Russia. Government sources say sanctions would increase if Russia invaded Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Bars Johnson said the sanctions would target “economic interests” that are “helping the Russian war machine.”

He said the sanctions would hurt Russia and if Russia invaded, more drastic measures would be taken.

Rising oil prices

Russia is the world’s second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia and the world’s largest natural gas producer.

However, Britain, the United States and other Western allies have hinted at imposing sanctions on Russia, and experts say growing tensions, as well as threats against Russia, will have a direct impact on oil prices.

Mike Curry, director of investment at Fidelity International, a global firm, expressed concern that oil prices could rise above $100  a barrel.

“One in ten barrels of oil used in the world is supplied by Russia, and consumers will be affected,” he said.

The United States is expected to announce sanctions on Russia on Tuesday


The United States will announce new sanctions on Tuesday in light of Russia’s “decisions and actions,” according to reports from the White House. Russia, meanwhile, has called on the UN Security Council to protect pro-Russian rebel-held areas from “Ukrainian aggression”.

Western powers fear that this will make it easier for Russian forces to enter eastern Ukraine.

In view of the rapidly changing situation in Ukraine, India also launched a special flight on Tuesday morning to evacuate its citizens from the country.

According to the Indian news agency ANI, a 200-seat Boeing 787 aircraft was used for this purpose.

India had told the Salami Council that there were more than 20,000 Indian citizens living in Ukraine and that the protection of their lives and property was of paramount importance to them.

Australia has also decided to relocate its diplomatic staff to Romania and Poland, where it will assist in the repatriation of Australian citizens.

Global reaction

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that this would be a serious violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and security, as well as international law. He called it a “very dark symbol”.

The European Union (EU) has said it will show solidarity and determination with Ukraine in its response to the ruling.

Russia’s move has exacerbated the crisis with Ukraine, where more than 1.5 million Russian troops are already stationed on the Ukrainian border.

Russia has said it will not invade Ukraine, but the United States has said in a statement that Putin was preparing for the attack.

Citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine have been issued large Russian passports. Western allies fear that Russia will now deploy its troops into rebel-held areas, calling it the protection of its citizens.

Speaking to the nation shortly after the announcement, Putin said modern-day Ukraine was “built by Soviet Russia.” In a statement, he described Ukraine as “ancient Russian land.”

US bans trade with these regions, NATO condemns Russian move

In response to his Russian counterpart’s decision, US President Joe Biden has banned trade with rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine.

The presidential decree states that there will be no new investment, trade or financial support from US citizens in these areas.



Addressing the nation, Putin said modern Ukraine was “built by Soviet Russia.”

A White House spokesman said the order would ban people working in those parts of Ukraine.

“I condemn Russia’s decision to recognize the so-called independent states of Donetsk and Luhansk,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

He said it violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and regional security and violated agreements such as the Minsk resolution, which were reached to resolve the conflict and that Russia was a party to them.

He accused Russia of seeking to interfere in Ukraine by doing so.

Clear change in Russia’s position

A journalist says Russia’s decision could exacerbate its conflict with Ukraine.

He called it a clear change in Russia’s position. President Putin and his ministers have previously talked about restoring the Minsk agreement, which was aimed at finding a political solution to the conflict.”

He says that now that Russia has recognized these areas, that agreement has come to an end. But the big question is, what will both sides do now? Will the West impose economic sanctions on Russia? Will Russia deploy troops in these areas? And then how will the West respond to them? ‘

According to diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams, “Putin is now speaking from a different place. This is not just a history lesson. Sometimes it seems like it’s about another universe. “

According to the BBC’s Jessica Parker in Brussels, in the past EU officials have hinted that economic sanctions could be considered in response to such a possible Russian move.

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