Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has told Western nations that his country needs 7 billion a month in aid without which it would be impossible to run the country. During the war against Russia, President Zelenski said in a video link to a conference of the IMF and World Bank on Thursday that hundreds of billions of dollars would be needed for post-war reconstruction.

The call comes at a time when the Ukrainian military says Russian forces have stepped up attacks on all eastern fronts, including Zarichny, Rubyzny, Popasnaya, Novotoshkoskovy and Marinka.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has claimed that Russia has occupied about 40 villages in the east, but said that this would be temporary.

Vladimir Zelensky appeals for 7 billion monthly aid
Vladimir Zelensky appeals for 7 billion monthly aid

Ukraine has also said it hopes to find a peaceful solution so far, despite Russia’s recent rejection of a ceasefire proposal.

Charges of destruction and use of chemical weapons in Mariupol

Another major problem for Ukraine is the city of Mariupol, where the Russian military has besieged a large steel factory, Azovastal. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in the factory.

According to the mayor of Mariupol, there are still about 100,000 people in the devastated Mariupol, whose lives are now in the hands of Russian President Putin.

Ukraine has accused the Russian military of bombing civilian shelters and using weapons banned under international law, including phosphorus bombs and cluster munitions, in an attempt to seize the steel factory.

Russia has denied the allegations but Ukraine, as well as Britain and the United States, have announced an investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons in Mariupol.

According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian army has also partially laid siege to the city of Kharkiv.

According to them, the Russian army is trying to move south from the city of Azim in Kharkiv province and surround the Ukrainian army in the Danbas area.

Ukraine claims that Russia repulsed 10 attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk regions on Thursday and shot down 15 Russian planes in 24 hours.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister announced on Friday that no corridors would be set up to take citizens to safer places because the situation was “extremely dangerous”.

Ukraine’s appeal for help

It should be noted that according to the estimates of the World Bank, the devastation caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine so far has cost the country about 60 billion dollars, which will increase in the coming days.

In this context, the President of Ukraine Zelensky has appealed to the world, along with financial assistance, to expel Russia from other world economic institutions, including the World Bank and the IMF.

In response to Ukraine’s demands, Western countries continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

According to the latest developments, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his close associates have confirmed that Ukrainian armored vehicles are being provided.

According to him, a few dozen Ukrainian soldiers are currently in the UK who are also being trained in these vehicles.

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